Matthew Um

Actor. Model. Dreamer.

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Matthew Um (엄영배) is a Korean-American S.A.G. actor and model based in Los Angeles, California. 

A native Santa Barbarian, he graduated from U.C. Berkeley with Honors in Economics before working in consulting and education.

Matthew was in the process of interviewing for his dream job-- to be the ''Moneyball" data analyst for the Oklahoma City Thunder (the #1 NBA team at the time)-- when he reached out to an old classmate to borrow an economics textbook to prepare for a late round interview. 

As fate would have it, this friend happened to be a veteran model in San Francisco. He strongly suggested that Matthew give modeling a shot. 

When the dream job fell through, deciding he had nothing to lose, he signed up.

Things haven't been the same since. 

In the short span of two years, Matthew's acting/modeling career has taken off. He booked over 50 principal roles including national commercials for companies such as Michelob, U.S. Army, Visa, Comcast, and Uber.


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